Please, May I

A Shakespearean-Sonnet


Would the degree in this polite please be,
The request I needed to appease thee–
To unease the rudeness that estranges
and change the manners by which we proceed?

Please, may I be, the glad* interviewee
Of every reason why a “NO” would be.
For, I have not one intention to see,
Why we can not form a plan to agree.

Addressee, addressee! How far are we,
From realizing the fate of us to be–
If we keep carrying-on carelessly
Without guaranteeing* civility*?

Addressee, addressee! Please, may I be,
The one guarantee of civility?


copyright (c) 2013 Lorenzo Morgan Jr.

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Below is a link to the planning process that is underway for


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Copyright 2013 (c) Lorenzo Morgan Jr.

Knees to ground, hands are bound*, while soil surrounds
Nature sounds, time is found–to till around!
Seeds are abound, Perennials astound,
Annuals rebound–to work growth’s compound!

Seasons change, while temperatures exchange
Sunlight arrange–to feed what growth remains
Water to rain, foliage to gain, bloom’s aim–
From being cultivation’s caring claim!

Dandelions to impede, wild as weeds
Bugs to intercede, usefulness as bees
Ladybugs and caterpillars to heed–
From having an effect on this degree!

Gardening is work-, gardening has perks-,
Gardening reverts- when the bloom gets nursed!

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Thou Body, Our Recourse (Track#2)

This particular video is a short preview for the music soundtrack to the upcoming animation movie (Thou Body, Our Recourse), written and animated by Lorenzo Morgan Jr. Although the vocals haven’t been added, this short preview offers viewers a peak at some of the soundtrack-music to the movie-trailer and movie-film.

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A Homeless Person, Asking For Coins

A Tanka Poem by Lorenzo Morgan Jr.


A stranger at best,

That is somebody’s birth-child!

Whose drawbacks exist,

As viewed by a parent’s gaze.

That is somebody’s birth-child.


Copyright (c) 2013 Lorenzo Morgan Jr.

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A Simplistic Design

Logo- LMJR- 01.24.2013

Upon thoughtful planning and creating, this particular visual-design will be the trademark logo for Lorenzo Morgan Jr. Publishing, LLC.

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